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I believe that what I offer increases confidence, capability and awareness at all levels where people can enjoy unique outdoor fitness sessions and make more of a difference not only to their own lives but also to the lives of others. They become more prepared for situations and are more likely to put themselves forward to help in instances where the average person would steer away, by becoming more aware of their surroundings and having a heightened intellectual state of mind, organisation and efficiency.

We live in a very uncertain world and having people that can step forward, react, help and make a difference or defuse a situation is becoming less common. Bergen rucksack training, outdoor fitness sessions and bootcamp sessions are a means to encourage people to be more capable.

I provide individual fitness strength training programs and offer training days/ bootcamps and weekends all over the country which allows me to really connect with like-minded people that enjoy walking, adventure racing, weighted fitness or keeping fit with the added bonus of a bit of something extra thrown into the pot! We provide basic, intermediate and advanced training sessions. The basic sessions are exactly that and for people with a basic fitness and wanting to increase their performance. Advanced sessions are fast paced weighted bergen training sessions over the mountain suitable for a unique few. They are hard and very demanding but all who attend started at the basic level.

Looking for: Outdoor fitness classes near me? Then you’re in the right place because we provide sessions across the country.

What Elite Outdoor Fitness Provides

  • Individually tailored fitness training programs for all levels of fitness based on time available to balance the pressures of both work and family life.
  • Advice and programs to assist in nutrition, injury management and injury prevention.
  • Bespoke personal training packages for people wanting to just get to basic fitness, increase their fitness or train for specific endurance/strength events.
  • Bergen training over the hills. Progressing slowly for clean fatigue to 85lbs.
  • I have provided a great deal of success to people in my unique approach to training and people who have gone onto compete at a very high levels in fitness, racing, expeditions and military.
  • Providing weighted fitness progressive platforms for walkers to endurance athletes wanting to progress with carrying weight based on Special Forces type training techniques.
  • Training serving military/non-military personnel for Special Forces, Royal Marines, Parachute regiment selection courses and Secret Intelligence Service preparation.
  • Providing unique training days weekends and Wednesday night (Chepstow) training sessions that over time promote Elite physical and mental fitness.
  • Training and preparing people for global expeditions, arctic, desert and jungle to include weighted fitness, endurance, advanced navigation, trauma med, survival, equipment and Bergen packing and self-maintenance (admin!).
  • First Aid, situation awareness and situation immediate action plans.

Note: All training sessions are flexible. My goal is to promote progression and not injury, therefore the weight carried and disciplines carried out are tailored to each individual. These are sessions that allow you to build on your development plan correctly. We shouldn’t forget that we all started once with no additional weight but my aim is to introduce weight carrying.

All our days are located in various locations all over the UK and the Brecon Beacons.


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About me – Nick, Elite Outdoor Fitness

I joined the military in 1992 and went on to join the Special Air Service HCR.

I continued to train throughout my service becoming an expert in jungle, arctic and desert survival, advanced Special Forces medical trauma care, communications, combat survival and personal training.

Following my military service, I moved into civilian private security where I became Training Officer and Senior team leader both in Iraq (5 years operational) and Afghanistan (6 years) for a number of different contracting firms. My last position was at the Command of Middle East operations as Senior Operations (inc Risk Management) Manager.

Whilst in the UK working for a period of time I provided covert surveillance contract work with the Police service before deciding to move into the leisure industry and previously taking the opportunity to study Sports Science at Staffordshire University I knew there was a space in the market for something new and I wanted to move in this direction with my career.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed competing in triathlons and elite ultra-marathons across a variety of terrains and in extreme temperatures across the world, both with and without weight. I’ve drawn on the experience of my time in the military and within the Special Forces to develop my skills and abilities and increase my competitive ability.

I now want to apply all this learning to this new business and support those wanting to push themselves hard both physically and mentally. I believe in weighted fitness and know there is a place for it in the leisure industry to fill a distinct gap. During a 6 day long training run with 80lb along the southern end of the Cornish coastline in 2014 the idea came to mind and I played with it for a while before launching the service. Weighted Fitness – Elite Outdoor Training was born!