Pre-military Training

I provide a number of different training platforms but one that I am probably most proud of is the ability to train people for the Special Forces and Elite forces with great success over the years. I have been very successful solely because I embarked on quite a unique route myself to get to where I wanted to be in the Special Forces.

This has allowed me to understand what training is needed and to get it right the first time. You do not need to be just fit and strong but the knowledge of how to train is more valuable than anything else.  The ability to know and understand yourself, your limits or lack of them is vital together with your mental capacity and application.

Military fitness training is In a class of its own and although some would say its not for them or they have an “I can’t so it” attitude when all the I have trained have reaped the rewards from progressive military style fitness training, bootcamps and fitness sessions.

When I was a recruit for the Special Air Service I always found myself on the first 4 tonne vehicle to leave at the end of a training exercise no matter what time I started on the day. The faster lads start at the back and I found myself a number of times starting last. On one occasion I was last to leave and first to get back. This I believe was a course record for time. The key for me was in my preparation and training leading up to selection. If you want to be the best at something you have to be passionate and put a lot of effort into it, but essentially a huge part is training correctly and managing your training time so you are maximising potential.

I personally developed myself in the hills prior to doing selection. This is vital and therefore puts me in a good place to help people to prepare for military courses or similar aspirations.  It certainly is not all about putting a 60lb Bergen on your back and running in the hills all day long, its about balancing correctly at all levels, working on your inner resilience, and becoming robust which is vital to success. I’ve seen some of what look like the fittest and capable people attempt and fail selection. You must ask yourself why.

I provide unique physical and mental guidance for people wanting to prepare themselves for such courses.

Expedition Training

Expedition training has to be finely tuned to get it right. Any accurate preparation before an expedition is essential.

Serving in the Special Forces and my post SF career choices took me to a number of different climates both in training and operationally, where it was vital for my survival to have the correct equipment. I needed to know how to use it under pressure, be in the best physical and mental state of my life to allow me to function at an optimum level. Self-discipline to attend to your feet instead of getting some sleep can make or break an entire expedition.

I have experience of co-ordinating and leading successful bespoke expeditions all over the globe for all levels and abilities. I am able to prepare individuals for the demands of the expedition extremes in temperature and terrain, where they’ll be working for long periods of time. I offer a tailored pre expedition training programme to cover essential equipment, optional extras and training preparation for the physical and mental demands of such an expedition.

Most things are possible in life and I am inspired by people wanting to take themselves out of their everyday life and comfort zone in the search for adventure.

Elite Outdoor Fitness provides such training and preparation guidance and expeditions in Desert, Arctic and the Jungle. These expeditions are challenging and a selection process will be carried out to ensure candidates are suitable both mentally and have the physical potential whilst being able to work as part of a team.